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If so how do i make playlists in it?
Every time i open up any site i have an account on not just this site yourepeat, tumblr and photobucket half the time im not even signed in even though i have it set to keep me signed in its just annoying having to sign in almost every fucking time i open a new tab
im up to 93 gifs made already
The makers got sued by nintendo for copyright infringement of super mario bros. If u still have the app on ur iphone its value instantly goes up by 500+ dollars try selling it on ebay some ppl sell it around 1000 dollars
Great website to make gifs from youtube vids
Im looking for more people interested in my group 

Im looking for more people interested in my group 

I now have a tumblr account as usual its rmack1205
Starting sunday im going on a cruise to canada for a week and its my second paid vacation this year woohoo!!! Chances are ther might be internet but theyre gonna charge me for it so not worth it but i am gonna be taking pictures though
Here's a link to my photobucket account…
Just bought a protector case for my iPad!
Check out my dr Eva core fan group it's my work in progress and I would really appreciate it if more people would join and submit more pictures for it
Should I start uploading the plastic and lego models I made I have tons
I about to watch my aunts 2 dogs (their labs along with my 2 there's the mother peppy and her 3 daughter from her first litter Nicky, Addie, and loulou), and their 2 parakeets with my moms 6 and I got a squirrel who stops by on my back deck for peanuts jeez my house is gonna be full of pets starting tomorrow